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This is one of the most idealistic times in your life and you are filled with sympathy for others.


You want to reach out and help the whole world. You may work with the sick and disadvantaged in some institutional setting or spend time with a religious group or some guru. Taurus: You are moving ahead at a furious pace. Many things are on your plate. There are practical issues and your newfound idealism to deal with.

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During this time, you may also begin to take an interest in philosophy and religion as you want to know how you fit into the universal order. You spend time on abstractions and how they relate to your life.

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You could get in over your head. Schedule medical exams. Make something happen! Location: Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. October 31, Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla.

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About Bejan daruwalla The world-renowned, revered astrologer and prophesier Shri Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla is not someone who needs a lyrical and eloquent introduction. Popular services. Phone Consultation Astrology on Phone is the best way to consult on phone. Read More. Personalised predictions Astrological Predictions - Prediction is a forecast and the way by which things will take place in the future.

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