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With Feet You Wear and a move to synthetic materials, the shoe was lighter than the bulky KB8 and played like it too. Great as a nostalgia piece, but maybe not for playing in them, I guess.

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While still a solid performing shoe that is worn by what seems like half of the NBA, it would be crazy to say that this made a dramatic jump over the Kobe 9. Still waiting on that pure Flyknit basketball shoe, Nike. More than any other sneaker line including Jordans , the Kobes always seems to spark debate as to which shoe is actually the best in performance. As somebody who loved most everything about the Nike Zoom Kobe 4 and Kobe 5, the Kobe 6 and as you probably noticed in these rankings, the Kobe 7 was a letdown in terms of aesthetics and playability. But again, there are people who will swear by the 6 as the best of the early low-cut Kobes.

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My complaints were with the scaled upper that might have made sense from a signature storytelling standpoint, but was terrible for breathability. It was bulky and very much unlike the Huarache 2K4 and 2K5 in a variety of ways, but the Kobe 1 will always be remembered for being the shoe Mamba wore when he scored 81 points, the second highest-scoring performance in NBA history. They were derided early on for their unconventional look, but as the years have passed, the desire and praise for them has only grown louder.

The brushed metal look and a style that was the brainchild of adidas and Audi gave us maybe the most futuristic shoe not named the Nike Air Foamposite One.

The only difference is that when you put on a pair of Foams, you felt they were indestructible, but when you put on these Kobes, they crease like a expletive from the moment you take your first step. When word started to hit the internets that the Nike Kobe 9 was going to use Flyknit, my mind was instantly blow away by the possibilities for colorways, not to mention I really thought Nike had figured out how to make the material survive a basketball game.

Turns out that the Flyknit was nothing more than smoke and mirrors, especially on the bootlike high-cut models that were seemingly created to placate the haters who refused to buy a low-cut Kobe. The shoe still turned out great as it was heavily used by many NBA players and both the Flyknit and EM versions produced spectacular colorways, but you get the feeling a lot of potential is still there to get better.

And based on our ranking of the Nike Kobe 10, they still have a ways to go before they fulfill that potential. The sleek upper design that literally blends into the sole does away with a lot of the bulk that hampered the look of both 9 and A fitting finale for Mamba to get Flyknit right just before he said goodbye this past April. The adidas KB8 — now known as the adidas Crazy 8 — could have been the Air Jordan 1 of that generation had Kobe stayed with adidas.

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